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Strategy Library

Copy strategies for effortless money-making

Losing too much time following the markets? Want a smarter way to put your money to work? Use ready-made strategies built by experts and relax (or work hard; who are we to tell you what to do?). Our automated investments platform takes care of the rest. Capitalize on tech innovations and use top algorithms to jump-start wealth building.

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Crypto Portfolio Tracking

Full control of all your investments in a unified dashboard

The all-in-one investments aggregator you didn’t know you needed (or maybe you did?). Link all your accounts from crypto exchanges and automatically manage your assets to boost your net worth. Optimize your investing experience and get full transparency and control on funds allocation. Your entire portfolio, 24/7 at one click.

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Are you already an experienced trader?

Signalscorp is also for you


Plans that scale as your knowledge grows


Playground to start learning. Zero cost, forever
  • Copy Trade
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Create Strategies without code
  • 10 Backtests / Day


Suited for beginner traders and investors Flexible
  • Copy Trade
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Create Strategies without code
  • 10 Backtests / Day


Designed for experienced traders looking for a competitive edge
  • Copy Trade
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • Create Strategies without code
  • 10 Backtests / Day
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What our users say

“I have been testing and using Signalscorp since the beginning of Private Beta and I adopted it. It makes me gain time in terms of programming and it is very easy to connect my strategy to my broker. Highly recommend!”

“I discovered Signalscorp just when I was thinking about writing my own tool for automating trades, and it turned out to be way above what I could have done by myself. Some of the features worth mentioning are the backtesting feature (so you can easily finetune your strategies), the support for different exchanges, easy to use interface with a comprehensive dashboard and of course the huge number of technical indicators available for defining strategies. From my point of view, it’s a complete product for someone who wants to trade without being always there.”

“Signalscorp is easy to use, the possibilities are endless and you can easily start building effective automated trading systems. At first I thought Signalscorp is a simple tool that you can play around for fun but once I really got to understand the details and abilities of the platform I quickly realised that this is no joke, the team has thought of everything and Signalscorp is like no other platform in its field. Backtesting strategies, using trailing stop, calculating take-profit and stop-loss and so much more with just a few clicks is kind of a dream come true.”

“I tried out Vestinda, and I have to say it is soooo pretty looking and intuitive! All UI controls are absolutely clear for me. I created my first strategy and started backtesting in minutes, literally. Great! I think this might be the perfect tool for beginner investors.”

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    Signalscorp is the platform that empowers you and your investments in digital assets. We envision a world where everyone has access to investment opportunities, can build wealth and reach financial independence while making the most of their lives.

    Because you love your life and the freedom you get from an automated investment solution that takes care of your money and your finances.

    Experienced traders with vast experience in financial markets create investment strategies that you can use to automate the entire investment process. All strategies have a track record and are curated for the best returns.

    You need to have an account with one of the major Crypto Exchanges. Once you connect the wallets in Vestinda, you will be able to track your portfolio across all accounts and start using investment strategies that automate trading in your Exchange.

    Sure. Our Library for ready-made crypto investment strategies is for you.
    Curated strategies validated by experts and constantly updated according to market conditions that you can copy to make money effortlessly.

    We are looking for the best traders out there to build together the future of automated investments. If you have experience in building investment strategies, you can now publish them in the Strategy Library and get paid each time other traders use them. Sign up now, for FREE.

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